Disney Cultural Representative Program: Final Interviews

Disney’s Cultural Representative Program: Final Interviews (UK)

Following on from my last post, this one will detail the final interviews. held at Disney HQ. I can’t give accurate numbers but I can give you a good guestimate of how many people from Pre-Screens got given final interviews. I would say around 70 people get through to finals. This can obviously change, it can be more or less. And at this stage, you can safely say that you have a very good chance of getting the job. But, there is still a small chance you may get a no. Very few people from what I’ve seen get no’s but still be prepared to give it your all in these interviews.

Receiving That email

29th September, emails started coming in. Facebook notifications galore. People posting that they’d gotten through to final interviews. I was at work this day, so I wasn’t able to read through the posts or check my emails until my break time. I got an email. However it wasn’t the one I was hoping for.

But, it wasn’t the email I didn’t want either!


I had gotten put on a waiting list, something that if I recall correctly was a relatively new thing that started a couple of rounds ago. I was happy, it wasn’t a no! Two other people posted that they had gotten the same, I’m not sure if others were on there too so no idea if this was a big waiting list.

I had to wait a long time. Yep… A whole day. Longest wait of my life!

Then, it happened

I GOT IT!!! I could not believe it! I was going to the Walt Disney European head office in London to attend an interview to work at Walt Disney World!! Now I knew this wasn’t the final decision but this was the furthest I’ve ever gotten, and was an achievement in itself!

Erm.. didn’t I book my flight to Canada for the 1st November? Oops!

The next few weeks were spent calling lastminute.com to change the date of my flight. This took about a week after they kept saying they’d call me back but didn’t. Eventually it was done, and I was flying out on Sunday the 6th now instead of the 1st. I had to cancel the bus I’d booked and lost money on, booked the greyhound instead and booked my hostel. All in all I was out around £110 but it was more than worth it and my flight was super cheap.

After getting the email inviting you to face-to-face interviews, you will then receive an invitation from Disney themselves to fill in an online application/CV. You will also need to have your documents upload to the DOC. This would include personal information, passport information and social security number or previous visa if applicable. If you don’t have this information to hand do not worry as you won’t need it until you are actually offered the job.

The week before

I had a busy couple of months ahead of me. I had a trip booked to Budapest, two jobs, a savings goal, one job interview and a move to Canada.All I had to do now, was pick out an outfit for my interview and prepare for the day. I ended up going with a pale pink dress from H&M and back tights and shoes. Black is always a good colour, but I wanted to add some colour to my outfit too.

The Monday before my interview was halloween, I was working my last shift at the pub I worked for. Dressed as a skeleton. It felt so weird, closing down the bar for the last time. I’d only been here since June but I’d already made so many memories here. On the Thursday I’d end up doing the same again. Leaving my job at the airport. I was quite emotional, having to leave behind two jobs I loved. Friends and family, and I hadn’t even gotten to my interview yet.

I decided to book a hotel as lots of others were doing the same and I felt it would be a nice build up to the day. On the Thursday after work, I packed my bag and made my way to London via a stop at Westfield. I needed some retail therapy to calm my nerves (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

The Presentation

Booking a hotel turned out to be a great idea as I got a better nights sleep and met with another girl who was staying at the same place. Everybody was meeting at Starbucks just before interviews. It was probably the tiniest Starbucks in Hammersmith filled with around 20 Disney geeks (The best kind of Starbucks). It was so nice to see some familiar faces from my interview group and to also meet some new ones.

We all started to head over to Disney HQ at around 8:30 if I remember correctly. The presentation before-hand was due to start at 9:00am? We checked in at reception, got given our guest passes for the day and got the obligatory photo with Sparkly Mickey. Eventually we were led upstairs to the auditorium where they played the same presentation as the one you get shown at Pre-Screens. It’s a great video and I never tire of seeing it. I watched it before pre-screens and have seen it a few times after f2f. If you’d like to watch said video you can do so right here:

The presentation consisted of a couple of Managers at Disney who talked about the company, a little bit about their jobs and what the program entails.

The first lot of interviews will then take place and everybody else will need to leave the building and come back at their scheduled time. I spend the few hours with other applicants in a pub a short walk away from HQ. This really helped to ease my nerves, we just chatted about everything.

Face-to-Face Interviews

About an hour before my interview slot, we decided to head back and wait with the other applicants. Disney were slightly behind so we did end up waiting a bit longer. We got to chill on the couches just outside the interview room with the people who were before/after us. They interview in twos, but it’s still one on one, and in the same room.

I was the last in my group to be called. Here we go, time to shine!

The interview was short, like 10 minutes short. Maybe it was longer, I’m not sure. I had so much more I wanted to say, and was prepared for more questions. But it was over in a flash. I had finished my interview earlier than the other person, which made me somewhat anxious that I hadn’t said enough.

My interviewer was awesome and made me feel really comfortable. I actually can’t remember what he asked me now. The last question that he asked me was “tell me something about you” and I’m not even sure what my answer was. I think I mentioned my love of travel, my aspirations and that I was moving to Canada in two days time. Whatever I said it must have worked! He also asked me if I have any questions for him. I had a few about my visa, when we’d hear back and some other things. I’d say it’s good to have a few questions prepared that you’d like to ask as it shows an interest and can also lead onto further conversation.

And just like that, I was back in the waiting room. Anna and Luke from yummy jobs asked me how it went and I thought it went okay, but as it was so quick I really didn’t know how to feel. I said my goodbyes and a few of us went for drinks after.

I really enjoyed the whole day and it made me realise how much I want this and how close I was to getting it. I felt at home just being with others who I could talk Disney with! And the possibility of getting to work with them was exciting.

And once more, we had to wait again.

Wait list

A whole nine days after interviewing, I got an email. I didn’t expect them to be sending out job offer emails just yet. It stated that they’d put me on the wait list. I was pretty happy about that! I know some people wait for months and months before they get any kind of offer. But as long as it wasn’t a no I was happy. I did state in my interview that as I’m moving to Canada and would like some extra time there, my availability was from August, so this is probably the reason I was put on wait list. Lots of other people had open availability which meant they could take any date.

I think it was about a week later that other people started getting dates. I was so happy to see so many people getting job dates.

If you get put on the waiting list Disney will email you once a month to ask if you still want to be on the list. All you have to do is click the link to confirm. I did this once in December and then once in January…

January 27th came around and then it happened. I got the job! 

I couldn’t believe it, I’d dreamt about Disney that night. And something prompted me to wake up and check my emails. I couldn’t have been happier. I was also amazed I only waited two months for a date. Some people can wait up to 8 months, just to get a date. I was feeling pretty lucky at this point!

Next up: flights, housing , Insurance and visas!

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