Disney Cultural Representative Program: Applying for your Q1 Visa

Applying for your Q1 Visa for Disney’s Cultural Representative Program

After getting that wonderful email and having paid your housing fees, the next step is applying for your Q1 visa. You’ll get an email from Disney themselves with your I-797. You will need this for your visa interview and to fill out your DS-160 so make sure you save and print as soon as you can. The I-797 is your petition for your visa from the Walt Disney company. At first this confused me as I didn’t realise this was a group petition. So it will have your name listed as well as others doing the program with you and others from different pavilions. Also, don’t panic (like I did!) if the embassy listed isn’t the one you stated on the DOC website. Mine said Berlin, this makes no different. You can apply for your visa at any U.S Embassy or Consulate outside of the U.S.

All the blog posts I have seen for UK participants have had their visa appointments at the Embassy in London. The same information and rules apply in a different country. I searched and searched the internet months prior to my visa interview, for information on applying for a U.S visa outside of your home country. And I found very little. So, for anyone who may be living abroad or doing a working holiday, it can be done!

Yes, I know I need to delete some emails…

Filling in your DS-160

I was worried my visa wouldn’t get accepted because I’d seen online that “it’s easier/quicker to get accepted in your home country”. Maybe they’d want to see my previous J1 visa in my old passport that’s back home in London. Or they’d ask for my social security number/card which is also “in a safe place”. Luckily for me, I brought my old iPhone5 to Canada with me, and I knew I had photos of both, my old visa and social security number from when I last worked in the states. This helped immensely when filling out my DS-160 (visa application). It means that I won’t have to waste time getting a brand new social security number and can just get a replacement. Hoo-ray!

One thing to remember when filling out your DS-160 is that it doesn’t save itself. So if it times out and you log back in without saving you will have to fill everything in again. I usually fill one page out then save each time.

In order to fill out the DS-160 you will need:

Your Passport

Previous U.S visas

Social Security Number

The dates of your 5 last visits to the United States

Your parents details (DOB etc)

The name of the person sponsoring you (listed on the I-797)

The address you’ll be living at (Vista Way is the default address)

The address of the location you’ll be working along with the phone number

And finally how much you’ll be earning per month

Once you have completed your DS-160 you will get a confirmation page with your photo and a barcode on it. Print this right away. I’d recommend printing everything twice and keeping them in separate places in case you happen to lose one. (surprisingly this happens to me a lot)

Booking your appointment

Once you have completed your DS-160 you can then book your visa appointment. I did mine on a different site to what most people applying from the UK do, because I’m currently living in a different country. Once you have filled in your details, the website will give you the nearest Embassy dates. I had a few pop up from Montreal and Ottawa but I needed Vancouver, so selected the next available date for that Consulate. The timing of this happened to be the same day that I was staying in Vancouver for a few days, so I was really happy I didn’t have to do more than one trip there.

You now pay for your visa online, which years ago when I got my J1, was all done at the Embassy on the day. The visa itself was $190.00 USD and the delivery fee to my house was $20.00 USD. The fee will always be in U.S dollars no matter where you are applying from. I’d highly recommend paying for the courier, getting to Vancouver alone is $35 here at the cheapest for a return. So worth it in the long run.

The Visa Appointment

I booked my visa appointment for 8:00am the other option is 8:30am. I left my air b’n’b with Matt at around 7:am and we walked to the Consulate. Upon arrival there was a fairly big line outside . I got in line and handed over my documents, they put a sticker on my passport then I joined the second line. There are no phones allowed in the Vancouver U.S ┬áconsulate, but you can now take them into the London U.S embassy. They do however, have lockers here, which I would recommend using. I came with minimal things. My documents and phone. This was later going to prove a bad decision. I handed my phone to my boyfriend and he went to get coffee to wait for me.

The line itself is quite slow, they only let 5 people at a time in. Once inside you line up for security. Here I had a good conversation with one of the security officers about what I was going to be doing in the states. I got to the first window relatively quickly, and thought I’d be out sooner than I thought. Here’s where not bringing a purse became a bad idea. The lady at the first desk was super nice but informed me that my photo wasn’t going to work. And that I could just use the photo booth in the room and come right back to her.

I had no money. I asked if it would be possible to go get some money from my boyfriend and then come back into the building. She said yes and that I could skip the line outside and just go through to security. So I left the building, and went to the Starbucks that I thought Matt would be in. I couldn’t find him anywhere and I had no phone to call him. I asked several coffee shops if I could use their phone to which they all replied no it’s not for customers (You’d be fucked then if reporting a crime! Not impressed)

At a nearby hotel, a lovely lady in reception let me use the phone. I tried to call my phone as I don’t even know Matt’s number but it just kept telling me it was long distance. I was about ready to cry at this point. It was pissing rain outside so I started making my way back to the air b’n’b when I spotted Matt outside the consulate.

Explained to him that I needed money for a photo and he gave me $20. Yay! So, once again I go through security. I put my $20 note into the machine only to be told it only accepts $10 notes.


I asked several people after me if they’d had any change for a $20. None of them did. So back out I go, about to get into the Elevator when I decide to ask a family next to me if they have two $10 they give me two $5 and a $10. I thank them over and over and tell them they’re life savers!

Panic Over!

As security was literally next to the elevator, the security officers let me bypass it to return to the first room. I go back to the first window. Finally! The lady hands back my documents and then I go to the next window. This was just for hand prints. A fairly quick process. We then have to wait a few minutes, as the interview room is currently full. While waiting I get chatting to a few people. Everyone was so curious as to why I was applying for a visa if I’m from the UK. I explained to them the reason I was there and the room filled with “ooooohhhh”s.

I finally get called to go to the interview room, another long line and more waiting. Oce at the window the woman interviewing me looks at my DS-160 and has no idea what a Q1 visa is and has never had to process one before. She giggles to herself while processing my information and asks me about where I’ve lived before Canada, what I’ll be doing in Orlando and what my job will be. She tells me Q1’s are like unicorns and checks with her manager that she has processed everything correctly. Then she says “Your visa has been approved” and hands me a piece of paper to track its shipping.

Wooooo!!! Approved!

I left the building a whole TWO hours later! Poor Matt had been hanging around all day for me, while it poured rain. But it was done. We didn’t need to do anything else now. And I was happy that I was actually, for real, going to Walt Disney World!

If you are applying for your visa, please please do NOT go cheap on the photo and take your own. Just pay the $10! It is so worth it in the long run.

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