Disney’s Cultural Representative Program: Flights, Housing and Insurance

Disney Program Housing

When applying for housing, there are four complexes to choose from:

  • Chatham Square
  • Vista Way
  • Patterson Court
  • The commons

Housing was a big decision for me. I mean, all of Disney’s housing properties looks really nice and have lots of amenities. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t put in bunk beds. The only up-side to having bunk beds is that rent is slightly cheaper.

Prior to making my final decision I googled other blogs on information about what the differences were between the complexes.

The things that stood out for me were:

Vista Way is the oldest, while Patterson Court is the newest and has slightly bigger rooms.

Vista Way is the only complex without Bunk Beds.

Chatham, Patterson and the Commons are all next to each other, while Vista Way is further out.

The commons has dryers in the apartments, instead of having coin operated machines.

The commons is the closest the outlets (a girl’s gotta shop!)

There are far more pros and cons per complex, ultimately I’d be happy in any. Even bunk beds! I’m moving to Florida after all to work for Disney. But, I did have my preference.

I was very tempted by Vista Way, it has so many amenities compared to the other three, a guarantee of no bunk beds and super close to shops and restaurants. Not to mention that it has the best bus service.

I’d made my decision. It was to be the commons!

Based on the fact it’s close to the outlets, a publix, has a onsite convenience store and your own washer and dryer. The last time I used a coin operated washer and dryer it was $5 per load. I see it as a saving!

The weekly rent will differ per unit, number of people and complex type. The prices quoted below are accurate as of June 2017:

Chatham Square:

1 Bedroom 2 Person – $126.00

1 Bedroom 3 Person – $111.00

2 Bedroom 6 Person – $99.00

3 Bedroom 6 Person – $113.00

4 Bedroom 8 Person – $112.00


Patterson Court:

1 Bedroom 2 Person – $126.00

1 Bedroom 3 Person – $111.00

2 Bedroom 5 Person – $106.00

3 Bedroom 6 Person – $113.00


The Commons:

1 Bedroom 2 Person – $130.00

1 Bedroom 3 Person – $115.00

2 Bedroom 4 Person – $128.00

2 Bedroom 5 Person – $108.00

3 Bedroom 6 Person – $116.00

4 Bedroom 8 Person – $115.00


Vista Way:

2 Bedroom 4 Person – $116.00

3 Bedroom 6 Person – $107.00

Booking your flight

After having accepted your offer from Disney, you can then start booking travel. Some people booked their flights immediately. I booked mine 2 months prior to arrival. I was worried my visa would be denied (for some strange reason). In fact, my parents had booked their flights and hotel to visit me long before I’d even booked my flight. Eager Beavers.

If you are travelling from the UK you’ll be going back in time (hopefully not in a Delorean). So you have an advantage in that you’ll gain back some time. You can of course book your flight for the same day you check in. But I’d advise against this as with flight times and the immigration lines that we all love there’s a very slim chance you will out of the airport in time to get to check in.

Check in times are typically between 12:00pm – 3:00pm.

Why flying from Vancouver is a pain

Not only is it expensive to fly in, out and anywhere near Vancouver but there are very few direct flights that don’t connect on the east coast. I had a little look at flight prices months in advance and they seemed reasonable, I kept an eye on them and at one point they were around £100 one way. But of course I decided not to book. Once I’d decided to book, flight prices were now £300 and up. Wonderful!

£300 isn’t a bad price at all, especially when you can expect to pay £450 and up from the UK. But I knew I could get it cheaper. None of the flights I looked at got me there on time, unless I paid £500+

My specifics were

  • Can’t be any longer than 15 hours.
  • If it’s not a direct flight it can only have one layover
  • If the layover is in Canada, then it has to be 2 hours or less
  • If the layover is in the U.S it has to be approx a 3 hour layover
  • Must arrive on the 9th and before 10pm

So, not that fussy then? I wanted a flight on the 9th so I could spend as much time as I could with Matt. But eventually I settled on the 8th. I’m flying the red-eye from Vancouver-Toronto-Orlando. I board my flight in Vancouver at 22:30pm and leave Toronto at 8:00am. Praying there is a Tim Horton’s in my terminal.

My flight was booked! yay!


When you get your offer email, yummy jobs will email you with information regarding what to do next. Under the insurance section they recommend two companies to use. One is STA Travel and one is Seven Corners. I used Seven Corners before when I did my J1 summer in the states so I decided to use them again.

You have two options on insurance. You can either buy your insurance for the entire year you are in Disney or, you can opt to only buy 4 months insurance and then move onto Disney’s insurance. I decided to go with the second option. Not only does it save me money right now, but it’s around $10 a week and comes out of your pay check. I’ve also heard from previous participants that you can see an onsite doctor once you have insurance with Disney.

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