My first month living in Whistler, Canada

I’ve been in Canada for about 5 weeks now, and it’s gone by so quickly. I’m finding it hard to believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and 2017 is not long after that. Where did the time go? Seems like only yesterday I was counting down the days until I moved here. But I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

I still can’t believe I did it, that I’m here currently; blogging from my bedroom in Whistler and it feels so natural. It’s taken me a while to actually settle though, I mean mentally. I’ve been homesick since being here though it may not seem like it. But things are slowly coming together as I knew they would, they always do.

I left for Canada on the 6th November 2016, arrived in Toronto around 8 hours later. Naturally the first thing I did was head to Tim Horton’s. If there’s one way to welcome myself to Canada, this would be it.

After more than the scheduled 2 hour stopover (thanks west jet!), I boarded my second flight to Vancouver and arrived at my hostel at around 10:30pm ready to fall asleep. I only had 2 nights in Vancouver because I needed to be in Whistler for the 9th.

Hostel Life

I finally stayed in a hostel! Yes, at the ripe old age of 27 I finally got a taste of hostel life. Was it what I’d expected? Yes, actually. The showers were just as dingey as I’d imagined. (Thank god for flip-flops eh) But that’s okay; I’d quite happily stay in one again. It was nice to meet like-minded travellers, who also came here by themselves.

My only real day in Vancouver was spent getting my SIN, bank account and phone contract. I spent $120 on makeup in Sephora that I obviously needed. And then got asked out by the guy in Virgin Mobile, who then proceeded to text me later in the day from his own phone using the excuse that he got the contract pricing wrong. I just laughed and never text him back. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal (hence not naming names here). The next day I boarded my greyhound to Whistler.

So, did I reach my savings goal? Did I go with a backpack or a suitcase? I’m pleased to say that I did indeed make my savings goal, and within the first week of being here I’d spent so much, mostly on going out, getting shitfaced, and buying the bare minimum in groceries. My fridge literally had 6 eggs and a block of butter in for the first week. Whistler sure is expensive.

After a few days of hangovers I decided I’d been welcomed to this party town fairly well and decided to start saving my cash. I’d need it over the next few weeks before the mountain officially opened and I started working. I know I said Whistler would be like a vacation for me, and so far it has been but I also like money and I also like stuff. Specifically buying stuff. Spending stuff. You know.

Backpack or Suitcase?

As for the backpack or suitcase, I went with suitcase. I was kidding myself thinking I could A) pack light and B) fit all of my things into a backpack. If I had been going backpacking instead of moving and working in a new country then the suitcase would have definitely stayed at home. Even my hand luggage was full to the brim. Going through Toronto airport with 3 overweight bags was not fun. I was one big sweaty mess. I knew Whistler was going to be expensive. So I packed multiples of everything to hopefully last me at least 3 months, the typical toiletries and a myriad of makeup products.

In other news I took my first skiing lesson! I had a blast. I never thought I’d pick up skiing that quickly in my first lesson. My instructors were awesome and the other people in my little group were great too. I’ve not had time to take my second lesson yet as work is busy and I’ve had last minute shifts. I’m in need of money more than I am learning to ski right now. Once Christmas is gone I’ll be back learning.

This place is truly amazing. I live on the side of a mountain! Never in my life did I think I’d be catching a gondola to work. There are moments when I’m on the gondola home and I get to stare out the window at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau lit up at night.

My first month has been an interesting one. I’m looking forward to Christmas and what the next month brings