My European Bucket List

My current European bucket list

Almost everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s specific to travel or learning/experiencing something new. For me, my bucket list relates mostly to travel, and seeing new places and historic monuments. Having a huge interest in world history plays a part in this too I think. But I’d also like to learn or experience new things along the way, whether it be skiing for the first time or skydiving.

These places will more than likely be on a ton of other travel bloggers bucket lists,  I suppose there is a reason for that. These places obviously draw in like-minded people and reading other blogs is what inspires me to check out new places.

The world is a big place, with amazing places and people in every corner. So, where do I start?

Being as I’m already in Europe (or was at the time of writing this!) I decided to start there. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the states but there are so many amazing places right on my doorstep. Mainland Europe is easy to travel to from the UK especially with airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet offering affordable flights. In fact I’ve found that flying from the UK to Eastern Europe is cheaper than flying from Eastern Europe to… well, Eastern Europe! Nowhere is more than say, 5/6 hours away? And because these countries are in close proximity, you don’t get super jet-lagged and can make the most of your first day there, meaning you can do a four day trip and still see so much.

I started writing this blog post before I actually moved to Canada, so now that I’m in North America, jetting over to Europe for a long weekend is no longer cheap or easy. However when I do eventually return home this is what my travel goals are going to be aimed at.


I can’t believe it’s taken me 26 years to finally visit. I’m an hour away by train from London! I have visited Disneyland Paris 4 times so far and not once did I venture into Paris city Centre. It’s been the top of my list for years. Its beauty has always drawn me in, not to mention it’s the location of some of my favourite Disney movies. Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aristocats, need I say more?

I have since visited Paris, 3.5 months ago now, which I will be blogging about soon!


The home of the little mermaid. Anyone noticing a theme here? I do love Hans Christian Anderson but I also love Scandinavian architecture (and furniture!) The Nyhavn harbour really fascinates me with its’ bright colours. And the Tivoli Gardens is of course a must when visiting. It only opens certain times of the year however, so I think my visit will have to coincide with this. I don’t know a whole lot about the city but I’m keen to learn a little more.     


Probably one of my biggest lusts right now is this country. I can’t get over its beauty. Ideally I’d like to do a long road trip up the coast to visit several places here. Places of interest include:


The whole of Croatia fascinates me, and ideally I’d like to explore more than one place here but Dubrovnik is my top pick. The Dalmatian coast as a whole is just breathtaking. This also happens to be where they film Game of Thrones. Yes, I’m a total fan girl. Walking the city walls for that reason is a must.


Split is a beautiful harbour town, not too far from the Krka National Park which is big on my bucket list so visiting this beautiful town would be great to do along with it.

Krka National Park

This is the place where, not only can you go and visit the waterfalls; you can actually go for a dip too! Who wouldn’t want to visit this place?

Plitvice Lakes

This is the main place in Croatia to go and see the amazing waterfalls. Unfortunately, its not possible to actually get into the water here, unlike the Krka National Park waterfalls. This is the more popular between the two and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Yet another Beautiful town in Croatia, Zagreb is not too far from the Plitvice Lakes so I think a visit here during the summer would be great.

There is also the idea of island hopping which really draws me in. I can see myself spending quite some time in Croatia.


Vienna has been on my list a while, but it’s not the only place I’d like to visit in Austria. The Alps are on there too. One of my bucket list experiences is to eat Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher. New and different cuisines are big on my list of things to try when travelling.

Lake Bled

Situated about 45 minutes north of the Slovenian capital city. It’s just… beautiful! I mean just look at this? I can’t think of a reason not to visit here. It just looks so peaceful and serene. Somewhere you can escape the city for a few days.


Easily accessible from almost every UK airport and only a short plane journey away. My fascination with Berlin relates back to my interest in history. The Berlin wall came down the same year I was born and top places on my list to visit would be Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag Building.

Well that’s my European Bucket list as of right now. There are of course many more places I’d love to visit, but these are my top picks.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list right now?



*All images taken from google